Can You Block Someone On Revolut? (Is It Possible?)

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Revolut is a financial services app that allows users to manage their money and make payments and transfers easily.

However, does the app allow you to block other users and prevent them from sending you payments or messages through the app? In this article, I will explain if it’s possible.

How to Block Someone Sending You Messages on Revolut

In Revolut, you can only block a contact from sending you messagesYou cannot prevent them from sending you money. Here’s how to stop someone from sending you messages on Revolut.

  1. Click on the person you want to block.
  2. Select the icon that will prevent messages from being sent by that user.

Sadly many people, especially women, are victims of online harassment. A woman posted this Reddit thread saying her ex was spamming her Revolut account by sending her a small amount of her local currency to send her messages secretly.

You can stop messages, but you cannot stop someone from sending you messages disguised as sending you money. The woman contacted support, and this is what she said:

I’ve contacted their support, and they basically told me there’s nothing they can do, and that I should contact the police… so yeah, there’s that. I’ll probably switch to a new number and create a new Revolut account :/


Unfortunately, if someone is harassing you like the above example, your only option is to report them to Revolut and contact the police. Changing your phone number will not work, as the person has your account number, which you cannot change.

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Can You Block Someone From Sending You Money on Revolut?

You cannot block someone sending you money on Revolut. You can only stop them from sending messages.

If you’re a victim of harassment messages disguised as sending you money, you are not alone. Your only option is to report the person to Revolut and contact the police.

If someone is sending you money you don’t want, for example, to repay a birthday present you bought, there isn’t much you can do. So keep the money in a savings vault, and it’s free money, after all!

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