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Can You Use Revolut in Thailand? (Why It’s the BEST)

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I immigrated to Thailand from London and recently switched from the UK version of the US bank Chase to Revolut for all my spending.

I adore Revolut. It has MANY features that make it better than Wise for all your spending needs. This article will show proof of Revolut working in Thailand and why using the Revolut Metal plan is your best option for all your spending worldwide, not just in Thailand.

In Thailand, you can use Revolut anywhere that accepts Visa and Mastercard. However, if ATMs or shops ask you to convert to your home currency (EUR, USD, GBP), ALWAYS pay in Thai Baht. With the conversion, you will pay a 3% or more surcharge.

This YouTube video shows me paying with my Revolut metal card in a 7-11 in Thailand. Don’t go anywhere, as you will miss out on why Revolut, especially the metal plan, is so powerful.

7 Reasons Why Revolut Metal Is So Good in Thailand

1. Revolut Can Be Used for Online Shopping

Revolut Thailand Transactions

I tried to use my UK cards for online shopping in Thailand, and they all didn’t work!

Only using my Thai Wise account and my Revolut Thai account was I able to buy things online.

2. Revolut Metal Plan Has 1% Cashback in Thailand

Southeast Asia’s equivalent to Amazon is called Lazada. I used my Thai Baht Wise account for Lazada, but now I use the Revolut metal plan as it provides 0.1% cashback in Europe, but even better, 1% cash back outside of Europe!

Why use Wise or another card when it doesn’t provide cashback? Cashback is FREE $! You can see their article for more information on how cashback on Lazadas metal plan works.

Revolut Metal Cashback

Both of the above images are from the same day. I earned $0.18 from cashback alone. Imagine how much you would make after months or years!

This more than covers the current cost of Revolut’s Metal Plan which is £12.99/€13.99/$16.99 per month, £10/€11.25/$12.5 with a yearly up-front cost.

If you are from the US, you can sign up for Revolut and receive a FREE 50$ welcome bonus! Check out the future of banking today! Other countries receive similar welcome bonuses.

3. Revolut Metal Has Unlimited Currency Exchange

I regularly use Revolut to change my GDP into my Thai bank account. Using Revolut, you can open a bank account in 30 different currencies. With Revolut Metal, you can spend, exchange and transfer unlimited amounts between these accounts with great exchange rates and no fees.

The currency rate will be the interbank rate. If you check the current currency exchange on Google, it will be the same as what Revolut is offering.

According to Revolut, you will be charged a 1% fee for exchanging currency on the weekends (between 17:00 New York time on Friday and 18:00 New York time on Sunday), except for transactions involving THB or UAH. A 2% fee applies for exchanges involving THB or UAH on weekends.

It is the weekend as I write this, but Revolut only would charge me $0.84 to convert 1587 THB to USD.

Now, look at Google’s official rate. I would get $41.91 from 1587 THB, only $1.01 more than the $40.90 I’d get from Revolut despite it being a weekend! 

The best way to get the ideal currency exchange rates is to convert on weekdays.

4. Revolut Metal Has Travel Insurance (Up to 90 Days)

I used to pay $47/month for Safety Wings insurance. But with Revolut, I have similar coverage with my plan. You can see the specifics of what’s covered on their website.

However, a BIG problem with this insurance is that it’s only for 90 days. So if your trips are longer, you will not be covered by Revolut.

The insurance covers what you expect but is less comprehensive than Safety Wings. However, remember the cost of Metal is only $15.99/month. Safety Wings is more than triple for only travel insurance.

Although, if your trip is longer than 90 days, I recommend signing up for Safety Wings as it is the best option for Digital Nomad insurance, and it is NOT a good idea not to be insured. You only need it when it’s too late!

5. Revolut Metal Has up to 10% Cashback on Accommodation

Getting up to 10% cash back on accommodation is crazy value. For example, you can see in the below photo I would receive £29.71 cashback for spending £353 on Kupu Kupu Phangan Beach Villas, which is 8.4% cash back, not bad!

Revolut ‘Stays’ cashback.’

The ‘stays’ section of the app is beautiful. It works the same as Agoda or Booking.com. Search where you want to go, check the dates, and BOOM.

The above photo shows the diversity of what accommodations offer cash back, from high-end villas to more affordable stays. Remember, this is worldwide. Anywhere you go, you can get some money back using Metal.

6. Revolut Metal Has Saving Vaults That Earn 1.95% Interest Paid Daily

I’m from London, but I get paid in dollars.

Having a platform that I can trust, put my savings in USD, and get 1.15% daily cashback is beautiful.

The £ to the $ is the worst it’s been in my lifetime (currently £1 to $1.16). So now, with Revolut Metal, I immediately withdraw my pounds from my business bank account and put them into a $ savings account.

Your dollar savings account will pay you 1.95% daily cash back if you are from the US. It is crucial to have an emergency fund, especially while traveling, as unforeseen expenses always come up.

Revolut savings allow you to set a target. For example, my target is $3000 saved, and the above photo shows I’ve saved 11% (I have $330 in there now).

You can withdraw and use your vault money at any time and set up automatic transfers, and Revolut will round up the spare change your Revolut card spends and places it in the vault.

I’ve never seen savings account as clean or sleek as Revolut, and unlike traditional banks, I don’t fear my account getting blocked using it overseas.

7. Revolut Metal Has A Monthly Withdrawal Limit Of $1200

Most cards, even good international mobile cards like Starling, offer a cap on how much you can withdraw daily. For example, Revolut allows you to withdraw $3000 per 24 hours. My UK card limit is $348!

Other cards have a cap, such as a bank Monzo, which only allows you to withdraw $280 per month and then charges you 3%!

With Revolut, you can withdraw only $300, $600, and $1200 at no cost on the Standard, Plus, Premium, and Metal plans every month. Every additional withdrawal will charge you 2%.

The UK metal maximum amount is £800. My limit will refresh on the 16th of November, when I first opened my Revolut Account.

I’m in Thailand, where cash is king. So the withdrawal limit will be manageable if you’re in a country where contactless payment is normal, like Japan or anywhere in Europe.

If you are from the US, you can sign up for Revolut and receive a FREE 50$ welcome bonus! Check out the future of banking today! Other countries receive similar welcome bonuses.

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