Can You Use Revolut on the London Underground? (Proof Inside!)

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I first used Revolut in Thailand and explained in my helpful post why the black subscription is your best option to use Revolut outside of Europe.

I’m back home in London for the holidays. Could I still use Revolut on the London underground?

You can use Revolut as a contactless payment on the London Underground (TFL). However, the cost of a ride varies, so Revolut will block a ‘TFL authorization’ of £10 at the start to ensure your account has enough funds to cover the journey.

My YouTube video below shows you where I record myself using my Revolut metal card to pay at a tube barrier.


Now that I’m back home, a Revolut metal subscription of £12.99/month isn’t worth it. The metal subscription offers 1% cashback outside of Europe, which is fantastic, but only 0.1% inside Europe. I’ve downgraded to Revolut’s plus plan, which only costs £2.99/month.

Is Revolut Accepted in London?

You can use Revolut in London at no extra charge. Wherever you see a sign for Mastercard, Revolut can be used as a Mastercard debit card.

I’m from London and initially got my Revolut card sent to me in Thailand. However, I’ve been using it in my home city without issues, as you can see in the above photo and YouTube video of me using the card on the tube.

Revolut is an online bank. Does this mean you need to be connected to the internet to use it? Please find out the truth in my article.

Can I use My Revolut Card As A Oyster?

Revolut can be used as an Oyster to pay on all TFL (Transport For London) networks, as it is a contactless MasterCard debit card.

I’ve used my physical Revolut card and my phone via Google pay as an Oyster many times. It works just like a traditional high-street bank card like Santander.

Revolut is an amazing way to spend money, but does it work with Apple pay? To discover the truth, you can read my helpful article.

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