Where Is the Account Number on Revolut? (Simple Answer)

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The account number on Revolut is a unique identifier that is used to identify your Revolut account. It is usually a series of numbers and letters that is assigned to you when you open a Revolut account. Here’s how you find it.

How to Find Account Number on Revolut
  1. In the Revolut app: You can find your account number by going to the “Profile” section and selecting “Sell All”, then pick what currency account you need for the account number. Then click the account, and you will see your account number listed.
  2. In your account settings: If you are logged into your Revolut account online, you can find your account number by going to the “Settings” section and selecting “Account Details.” Here, you should see your account number listed.

It is important to know your Revolut account number. You may need it for various reasons, such as setting up direct debits or making bank transfers.

Revolut is a mobile bank. It makes copying your account number a breeze. Although unlike other apps like Wise, you don’t need to login in again when you switch app windows from your phone, sometimes you need to keep coming back to copy different account information.

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