About Dillon

A guy who dreams of your freedom

Who Am I?

I am a 27-year-old digital nomad who speaks seven languages and has a deep drive to teach people how to be financially free.

What I love to do

I love to workout, watch MMA, drink coffee, experience new things, crack jokes, and live in the moment

How My Digital Nomad Journey Began

When I was younger, I never cared about traveling or seeking new experiences; I was content to rush home straight from school and play Halo 3 on the Xbox 360 with my buddies for 6+ hours. I couldn’t care less about learning languages or seeing the world. I switched from my GCSE French class to the easier class NVQ to chill with my friends.

However, my life changed forever when I was 17/18 and stumbled upon the bodybuilding.com misc user’s post ‘bar182’ and his story of traveling the world for one year.

My teenage self couldn’t believe it! The experiences, the photos, it all blew my mind; the world was so big, exciting, and beautiful, just WAITING to be discovered! I read that thread daily for inspiration on the amazing possibility outside of East London.

When I was 18 In Southampton, the first step in the journey to Marrakesh

My first look into traveling was hitchhiking to Morocco for charity when I was 18. I did it for charity during the easter break of my first year of University.

I didn’t know the girls beforehand, but the experience was like nothing I ever did before. Hitchhiking into random people’s cars, standing for hours on the road trying to get a ride, and sleeping outside Valencia train station was an amazing, unforgettable experience.

Better yet, we met two English guys who were making the same trip as us and traveled with them to Morocco. Those 2-3 days in Morocco were like two weeks in London.

I knew I could NEVER go back to a normal life after those experiences

The only question was… How do I afford it?

Teaching English In China

Me In Nantong China (2019)

Fast forward to 2018, I was a 24-year-old law graduate who couldn’t care less about Law and spent three months traveling South America and having an amazing time

I wanted nothing less than to join the Matrix, but while browsing Indeed, I saw a job offer to teach English in China.

I thought, why not? I’ve always liked kids, and teaching in China might be a good experience.

It was a very challenging and rewarding part of my life; I was extremely lonely in the beginning and almost booked a flight home in my first month. If I did, that would be the worst decision I ever made. Instead, I kept going, and by Spring, I had a Chinese girlfriend that I liked a lot and around $4-6k in savings from teaching.

My girlfriend begged me to do another year in China as she would be in her final year of studying in the city. However, I had other plans. I wanted to make money online, and I couldn’t do that in China...

How I Became A Digitial Nomad

After I come back from China, I was on a mission to earn money online. The first thing I tried was CPC Clickbank advertising using Bing, I actually made my first sale on my second day.

I remember looking at the $20 on the screen, I thought it wasn’t real; did I REALLY make Wi-fi money?

I didn’t continue CPC, instead, I bought a Gurus course, Savage Affiliates by Franklin Hatchet. Frankly, the course was terrible, although I got lucky, and in the course Facebook group someone mentioned they actually made money with another course, a course that I will be FOREVER indebted to.

That course was Project 24 by Income School, it taught me so much about content marketing, content creation, SEO, and much more. It allowed me to travel the world and earn passive income while I sleep. I remember earning $76/day when I went to Tyrona Park in Colombia, and thinking damn I made money while having an adventure! It allowed me to live my dream, the dream when I was 17 reading Bar 182s thread on the bodybuilding.com forums all those years ago.

After years of traveling the world and earning money online, I am confident I can provide a lot of invaluable knowledge to would-be digital Nomads and anyone who wants to be financially free and live their life on their terms and wants the best travel information.

This is why this blog exists, to help you become free. No matter who you are, my blog is a place to learn, all the tools, strategies, and tactics to succeed online

Thanks for reading


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