About Me

Me Somewhere in the Bolivian Desert Near Chile (2017)

My name is Dillon, I hitch-hiked to Southampton to Morocco when I was 18, and ever since traveling has been part of my soul.

10 years later I’ve been to over 30 countries and taught myself how to speak 7 languages, I have no plans to stop anytime soon!

Why did I make this brand?

Simple, to provide you with the BEST traveling tips and advice I’ve learned in my years on the road, and to explain how to you, how you can too earn a full-time living working from your laptop anywhere in the World.

99% of people I meet who work online, work for someone else. It’s fine to start off working for someone but I DON’T want this for you, yesterday I met an Israeli girl who had to work until 12am Thai time, as she’s trapped by her Israeli 9-5 schedule. Imagine that? US ex-pats who work on US time in Asia have it even worse

You may be ‘less’ of a slave if you work remotely, but you are still a slave to your boss, it’s my mission with this brand, and my YouTube channel to show you the way, how you can earn more and live a FREE life working for yourself.

I never ‘need to work, I remember when I worked as an English teacher in China I promised myself I will NEVER wake up to an alarm clock ever again, only when my body is ready to wake up and I’m already living this dream.

If you are completely new to traveling, remote work or online business do not worry, I am here for you.

Following the advice here, you will save more money, go to the best places, and have a MUCH better time on your trip, or find the best place to move to, to fit your own unique needs.

This site will teach you the following

  • Tips & Tricks on VARIOUS different travel destinations throughout the world
  • The best travel gear & services to improve your experience
  • Downloadable PDF cheat sheets on the best travel & living destinations
  • Complete travel guides on many travel locations
  • How to take beautiful travel photos (most people’s photos suck sorry)
  • How to become your own boss, and NEVER work for someone else again.

My YouTube channel is where I post my travel video content.

It’s my mission to make this website the BEST travel/freedom resource it can be, I’m constantly learning new things about travel and in my newsletter, I will pass the knowledge to you my audience.

If you have a specific question that I haven’t answered in one of my articles, please contact me and I will either answer you directly or write an article or create a video about your topic, or you can contact me on my LinkedIn page