Does Revolut Have a Routing Number? (Easy Answer)

Revolut is a financial technology company that offers various financial services, including bank accounts, debit cards, and money transfer services. Routing numbers are nine-digit codes used to identify the financial institution with which a bank account is associated. They are commonly used for electronic payments, such as direct deposit and wire transfers. First, I will … Read more

Can You Use Revolut on the London Underground? (Proof Inside!)

I first used Revolut in Thailand and explained in my helpful post why the black subscription is your best option to use Revolut outside of Europe. I’m back home in London for the holidays. Could I still use Revolut on the London underground? You can use Revolut as a contactless payment on the London Underground (TFL). However, … Read more

Can You Use Revolut to Withdraw Cash (Video Proof Inside!)

I’m living in Thailand. I recently switched to Revolut for my main international bank. I’ve used it countless times to withdraw cash. You can use Revolut anywhere to withdraw cash in an ATM that supports Visa or Mastercard, but be aware of any ATM fees. If it’s the given option, ALWAYS decline the ATM’s conversion into your … Read more